CL Editor's Intro

The Content Editor's intro to the issue.

"For just that little bit, they can forget." Irene Romsa, PRPLD Outreach Manager

High Park Fire

Figure 1. On Day 2 of the High Park Fire, flames loom over Horsetooth Reservoir just above Colorado State University's Hughes Stadium.

"What will kill our profession is not ebooks, Amazon, or Google, but a lack of Imagination". (R. David Lankes)

caterpillar to butterfuly

Hey guys! What do you think is the solution to the eBook situation?

Librarian: Keep working with the current situation until they figure out what they are doing.

Librarian: Be a part of the discussion working with publishers, authors, and businesses.

Librarian: Stop buying eBooks until they figure out what they are doing and use that budget elsewhere.

The Value is Up to You

I spent a lot of time thinking about what to write to introduce this issue. For the first time we are offering content based solely on our annual conference; sharing the presentations that were popular, that the conference chairs deemed worthy of a journal article, and just those we thought interesting. So much happens at the annual conference that it needs to be shared with everyone.

Out of the Fog Colorado Libraries Rises!

Geyser Basins at Yellowstone Park
Geyser Basins at Yellowstone Park

The State of Colorado Libraries Online

Lots of exciting things are going on behind the scenes here at Colorado Libraries! To name but a few here in our introduction to issue 35.3, we have a new editor; we'll be integrating the online book reviews back into future issues of the journal; we have great new column suggestions from our readership; we have an eISSN; we have some great improvements to the journal platform in development; and our readership has expanded globally.

Special Libraries, Part Two

Welcome to our second online issue of Colorado Libraries Journal!

Welcome to Colorado Libraries Online!

This issue has been nearly two years in the making, and Melissa Powell and I are all at once excited and relieved to present it to you! Our everlasting gratitude goes out to Paul Betty, the guest editor, as well as all of the authors and column editors who have been patient as we have transitioned from print to online. The full story of the transition is available on the "Why Open Access?" page.