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CALCON 2012 - Digital Media Labs: Thinking Beyond the Joystick

To prepare for the release of the film Prometheus this past summer, you may have watched the Alien movies to get in the spirit. Remember the scene from the second movie where Sigourney Weaver views a map of the Alien spaceship on what would now look like a giant iPad? Everything in the film looks pretty high-tech until this point, at least by 1980s standards; but then they break out a joystick. Certainly, the joystick was the prevalent technology in the mid-'80s, but this is a science fiction story. The crew is traveling through space for years in a sustainable environment.

CALCON 2012 - Access to Information Literacy Courses in Colorado Higher Education

"We are all connected in ways we cannot even begin to fathom. Our lives unfold through each other and within each other. What one suffers, we all feel. What one does changes others forever." ― David Rhodes1

A college student has mixed chances of taking an information literacy (IL) credit course in Colorado. Some colleges offer credit IL courses, and some do not. The uneven availability of these courses has broad repercussions.

Reforma Colorado's New Translation Service


Raising the Bar for Job Seekers in the Pueblo City-County Library District

Libraries around the state, the country and the world are raising the bar in numerous ways to better serve library patrons in the current economic environment. The focus of many librarians at Pueblo City-County Library District (PCCLD) is to provide more and varied resources for those in the job market. While this is an issue throughout the US and around the world, for that matter, the economic downturn has been particularly harsh on residents of Pueblo County.

The Embedded Librarian: Is it Enough?


Once Upon an App: The Process of Creating Digital Storytimes for Preschoolers

The library is a place for informal learning positioned to accommodate and encourage children's use of new technology.1 As youth librarians, we set out in 2011 to explore how digital literacy skills might intersect and support early literacy skills by initiating a series of digital storytimes implementing iPads for preschoolers. We conducted several forms of preliminary research while creating the digital storytimes in order to gauge audience receptivity, identify best practices, and learn about current findings in the field.

Augmenting Library Reality: Real Solutions for Incorporating the Virtual into the Physical

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Library and Information Center is a specialized, federal library located in Aurora, Colorado. The Library is housed within the National Corrections Academy which hosts hundreds of students each week for training classes on topics such as Offender Workforce Development and Crisis Negotiation. Despite being small, a collection with only six full-time staff, the NIC Library and Information Center is tasked with a few large roles.

Building Computer Labs Out of Clouds

Information is, without a doubt, going digital and going mobile. As computers, tablets, phones, and other internet-connected devices get smaller, better, and cheaper by the day, more and more people are hopping on the Internet for daily news, entertainment, and communication.

Library as Connector and Collaborator

Collaboration is getting paid a lot of lip service these days. From strategic plans to scholarly articles, collaboration is something that almost everyone wants to build into their lives, their organizations, and their communities.

Leadership, Technology, and Passion for People

In early March 2012, Syracuse University's "Information Space" announced a public contest encouraging people to create Pinterest boards that would define the future of librarianship.1 It was a move that, in many ways, answered the very question that it was asking. The future of librarianship depends on creative thinking and innovative leadership, a strong understanding of technology, and a passion for engaging the variety of customers that librarians serve. The "New Librarian," at his/her core, must embody all of these traits.