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Failing Forward - Risk and Reward Conference: Interview with Conference Organizers

The Risk and Reward Conference (R Squared) occurred September 9-11, 2012 in Telluride, Colorado. This interview occurred two weeks prior to the conference.

Failing Forward - Risking It All: One Library District’s Quest to Create a Great Good Place

El Paso County's Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) acquired a new addition to its existing 14 locations in December of 2011: A 112,883 square foot facility that library leaders hope to transform into a new kind of library, a building that will become a showcase for PPLD of what a library of the future might look like. When it opens its doors, the goal is to have a regional destination that fosters creativity and innovation among its patrons.

Failing Forward - Too big to fail? Insights in organizational culture and change from the Animated Tutorial Sharing Project

The Animated Tutorial Sharing Project (ANTS) is an international collaborative project with the mission of building an open educational repository of library and information literacy video tutorials. The project began in 2004 as a coordinated effort by the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL) in Canada, but quickly expanded to include the participation of librarians all over the globe.

Failing Forward - Gilpin County Public Library's Artist-in-Residence Program


CALCON 2012 - Standing Out Socially: Making Your Public Library Shine on Facebook and Other Social Media Sites


CALCON 2012 - Tales of Fail

These four brave panelists bared their souls to a packed room at Keystone at CALCON 2012 to tell their individual tales of fail, in the hopes that the rest of us might learn from their mistakes. Each panelist answered the following questions:

CALCON 2012 - The Secret of Marketing Your Library

Cool ideas are not enough to ensure the long term success of your library. Marketing is more than executing the events that you brainstorm with colleagues over adult beverages after work. The framework that "real" marketing provides will connect you with your library customers before you buy a book, license a database, book a speaker, or hire the subject matter specialist.

CALCON 2012 - Lean Material Processing: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Like most libraries, Arapahoe Library District (ALD) is under pressure to do more with less in these challenging economic times. By applying “Lean” tools and principles to material processing, the ALD branches have experienced dramatic results including increased job satisfaction and reduced staff time required to perform essential functions. In fact, one ALD library reduced the average time it takes from a patron’s return of an item to when it is shelved from seven days to two hours.

CALCON 2012 - It Doesn't Come with a Title: Uncommon-Practice Leadership

How do you lead people who don't report to you, or get results when you don't have the title or authority? Or even if you do, how do you get results in this new era of work? The answer is uncommon-practice leadership. It's not your position that gives you power - it's your behavior.

CALCON 2012 - Harnessing the Power of Front Line Staff as Mentors to Promote Customer Service

Many libraries struggle with how best to introduce new employees to their customer service philosophy. The goal is to do so in a way that will lead to their understanding, embracing, and committing to implementing the service model effectively. The Arapahoe Library District (ALD) learned that it takes more than simply telling employees about the model; it requires continuous reinforcement and modeling.